Brunch at Perilla in New York, NY

It has been a while we had brunch at Perilla. I think it was few weeks after they opened in 2007, as we were catching up on old episodes of Top Chef, Chef and owner Harold Dieterle having won the season 1. I remember that Jodi got a delicious grilled cheese with a tomato soup: this was the first time I had this combination, although I realize today that it is pretty common. 

I like the decor that has a retro feel, maybe because of the orange banquette. Concerning the food, it is not your usual brunch menu, although some of the items there are pretty standard, but prepared with a twist. If you are vegetarian, you will only have few choices: the doughnuts (not bad...) and the kale salad, as well as a side of eggs, but I am sure that they can accommodate requests. We started off our meal with coffee and tea. For me, there was of course a double espresso and they brought us some freshly made blueberry muffins.

For her entrée, Jodi ordered the Berkshire smoked ham sandwich, that was served with a beer and cheddar soup. 

The sandwich was delicious, the bread being a brioche with a nice crunch and the ham being perfectly paired with sauerkraut. But I admit that my main focus was on the soup that was fantastic: tasty and creamy.

On my side, I got the Dutch baby pancake, that was made with huckleberry, apple, mascarpone, powdered sugar and pistachios. It was the first time I had Dutch pancakes and I loved it, although I would have passed on the berries.

This was a good brunch, original and I look forward to go back to Perilla to try their dinner menu. 

Enjoy (I did)!

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