The Donut Pub in NYC, NY

Donuts are becoming more and more popular, to a point that I wonder if they are not the new cupcakes. There has always been traditional donuts, like the ones sold at Dunkin Donuts for a cheap price. And then, gourmet donuts with joints like The Doughnut Plant (I love the tres leches) or Dough (especially their Nutella one), without forgetting the Cronut from Dominique Ansel that is incredible. 

One of the oldest donut places in New York is The Donut Pub, a place that opened in 1964 and is still serving some old school donuts, as well as some more modern ones. Going inside The Donut Pub is like traveling back in time, the place keeping an old feel that I used to see with curiosity in American movies when I was a kid.

We tried a few of their donuts:

The coconut and cream:

The Boston cream:

The honey dipped:

These donuts were good: they were light, airy and chewy. The Boston cream and honey dipped were fairly standard. The coconut cream was disappointing simply because it was vanilla cream inside and just some coconut shavings on top. I mean, it was good, but did not let the coconut shine. 

The last donut I tried was a spin off of the cronut: the croissant-donut.

The croissant donut at The Donut Pub in NYC, NY

The croissant donut at The Donut Pub in NYC, NY

The croissant donut at   The Donut Pub in NYC, NY

The croissant donut at The Donut Pub in NYC, NY

They have it in three flavors: chocolate, a jam that I forgot to be honest, and simply glazed, that I ordered. It was good, like anything that is fried, and was flakey, but tasted more like a donut than a croissant. It definitely does not measure up with the cronut from Chef Dominique Ansel though. 

Also, do not think about ordering espresso there: they only have regular coffee...

The Donut Pub is definitely a place to know: it is not where you will be wowed, but it has certainly a nice old fashioned atmosphere and some delicious donuts that are pretty cheap (we paid less than $11 for the four donuts and the coffee). Would I go back? Certainly: to indulge in donuts, but also to support this old business.

Enjoy (I did)!

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