Chelsea Market: The Lobster Place


The Lobster Place is one of my favorite places in Chelsea Market. I know, I love all of the places there! What can I say? It is a great market. So, The Lobster Place is a seafood market created in 1974 by Rod and Joan MacGregor on the Upper East Side. 

One of the most adored spots there is the Steamed and Live lobster stand, where one can enjoy a steamed lobster that can be as big as 2 1/2 pounds.


The lobster is par-steamed daily, so it takes only a minute to get your order ready and the result is stunning:

The lobster you see on the plate is a 2 lb one. It was fantastic: perfectly cooked, it was amazing with or without the clarified butter. And it was easy to eat too, the flesh separating easily, without any effort, from the shell.

The second spot there, if you do not like lobster, is the sushi bar.

You can either get sushi on the go or sit and try some of their amazing sushi. We decided to eat there, observing the Chef make rice and sushi / sashimi.

On my side, I went for the omakase - sushi and maki combo.

It was composed of:

Snow crab sushi:

Red snapper sushi (damn it! I forgot to take a photo!). 

White tuna aka shiro maguro:

Yellowtail or hamachi:

Salmon or Sake:

Fatty tuna or O-Toro:

The maki was made with salmon, yellowtail and avocado. 

Jodi decided to order few pieces of sushi.

It was:

Tuna or Maguro:

As well as white tuna or Shiro Maguro, yellowtail or hamachi and fatty tuna or O-Toro.

To finish, we shared a piece of tamago or Japanese omelet.

All of the fish was delicious and fresh. Know that we did not dip our sushi in soy sauce as it was served with soy brushed over it. I should also mention the splendid presentation that made these dishes very appetizing. 

I hope this post convinced you to go to The Lobster Place and, who knows, you may see me there!

Enjoy (I did)!

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