My Favorite Restaurants!

Often, people ask me for recommendations for restaurants and, in a city like New York, it is a bit challenging as there are so many places to go to! But, if I had to pick a few, it would be:


I would avoid the crowded and overrated Katz's Deli or the huge portions of Carnegie Deli. So, I suggest you go to Junior's. Yes, it is also crowded (go before 12pm and 6pm), but the food is far better and you do not have the impression that you are eating on your neighbor's lap! My favorite dishes are: pastrami Reuben, potato latkes, matzo ball soup and salami sandwich. Of course, for dessert, you cannot miss the New York cheesecake! It is fantastic! 
Another good place is 2nd Avenue Deli.


If you are visiting, there are few things I would surely try in New York: burgers, steaks and pizza. 

For a burger at less than $8, I would go either to Corner Bistro or 5 Guys, the later being a chain with an amazing burger made with two patties and lots of cheese!

Shake Shack has also a good burger, but it is so crowded...

For a fancier burger, go to Colicchio & Sons ($18) or DBGB for the Frenchie, a $17 burger made with confit pork belly and morbier cheese!


My all time favorite is Luzzo's! They make Neapolitan puzza with this fantastic crust that, although floppy, is crispy with some char on the outside that I love. They also use mozzarella di buffala that is, in my opinion, much better than regular mozzarella. Going to Lombardi's is also worth the trip as it is the oldest pizzeria in the US.


There are so many steakhouses in New York that it is difficult to pick. On the top, I put Ruth's Chris: not only do they have a great quality of meat (very tender), but they also cook the steaks in butter! Yes, butter! They serve it on a 500 degrees Fahrenheit plate so you can hear it sizzling! Their crab cakes are also one of the best in town.

If you cannot go to Ruth's Chris, then The Old Homestead, being one of the oldest in the City will be a good choice (great ribeye).


If you are not from the US, this is a must have! BBQ in this country consists in slow cooking the meat, smothering it from time to time with either sauce or seasoning. It is a big thing here, not to be mistaken with grilling that is barbecue elsewhere.

My favorite place for BBQ is Southern Hospitality in Hell's Kitchen! What I love to do is to take many sides, perfect to share and taste these amazing dishes they serve. Get the rib, brisket and fried green tomatoes: they are a must have! And if you are still hungry, the banana pudding is amazing!


I love Jeanne et Gaston, a small French restaurant in the West Village: they serve authentic French cuisine and have one of the best deals in town for brunch. For $18, you get either appetizer and one entree or an entree and a dessert.

Marseille is also one of my favorites: for brunch or dinner, they serve a fantastic cuisine from South of France.

Last is Le Relais de Venise: it is a steak-frites themed restaurant, meaning that the only choice is steak frites! Similar to the original restaurant in Paris, they serve these delicious pieces of sirloin that are bathed in a secret sauce so good, that you will dip your fries in it!


I have two favorites in New York: Morandi (great linguine a la vongole, fantastic burrata) and Abbottega (they make their own pasta!).

Eataly is also a place to go to: the food is delicious and they have great gelato (the hazelnut one is a killer) as well as Lavazza coffee that will make you travel to Italy for the price of a cup...


The big thing these days are ramen. For one of the best in town, try Ippudo (crowded) or Momofuku Noodle Bar (also crowded). Don't miss the pork buns there!!!

For a more elegant and pricier restaurant, I suggest Morimoto: great presentation, great food and good service with an atmosphere that is not stuffy. 


I am more a carnivore than a vegetarian and, in the past, I was disappointed by some restaurant that serve only vegetarian food. Until I ate at Table Verte, a French Vegetarian restaurant (yes, it exists!). There, there is no fake meat! They take garnishes and make them the star of the dish!

I also like Zen Palate or Gobo. Other alternatives for vegetarian food are Indian or Thai restaurants.

Fine Dining:

If you want to treat yourself, there are fantastic places in New York. I recently discovered Gramercy Tavern that serves American cuisine. We went for the tasting menu and I have to say that the whole experience was amazing: great presentation, great taste and great service! Yes, everything was great!

Another fantastic restaurant is Colicchio & Sons: the food was incredible and the service one of the best we ever had.


There are fantastic places for dessert in New York! Two of them are for me the ultimate: 
  • Spot Dessert Bar: they only serve desserts and the line to enter this tiny place can be long! But it is worth it! There, Chef Kittichai serves traditional desserts with an Asian twist. My favorites are the chocolate molten cake and the tearamisu (a must have). 
  • Cafe Lalo: skip the food that is just ok, for a delicious dessert. Their banana pecan pie is fantastic. 
If you like banana cream pie, there are then two places I recommend: Billy's bakery and The Redeye Grill (yes, it is a steakhouse, but trust me, their pie is the best). 


If you have time and are courageous, you can attempt to get a cronut at Dominique Ansel Bakery! Otherwise, go to the Doughnut Plant! My all time favorite is the tres leches.

Enjoy !!!