My trip to Europe: Trattoria ZàZà in Florence, Italy

image of Mercato Centrale in Florence, Italy

We decided to go back to the Piazza del Mercato Centrale after our meal at Trattoria Mario, as we saw that there were plenty of restaurants, thinking that they probably source their ingredients from there. At that time, the market was closing down and the market crowd was gone, replaced by tourists looking for some amazing food.
image of Trattoria ZàZà in Florence, Italy

We looked around and noticed a very crowded place called Trattoria ZàZà. That place, opened in 1977 by Stefano Bondi, is huge. They sat us in a small, quiet area, away from the noise.
image of Trattoria ZàZà in Florence, Italy

We were ready for a feast and were not disappointed. Problem was: what do we order? The menu had so many mouth watering dishes that we were not sure...
image of San Lorenzo Tagliere at Trattoria ZàZà in Florence, Italy

So we started with the San Lorenzo "Tagliere", a plate of prosciutto, salami, stracchino (so good and creamy) and pecorino cheese, olives. This was a big plate for sure, but so good, especially the cheese.

We also tried a sampler of three traditional soups:

image of Tuscan soup sampler at Trattoria ZàZà in Florence, Italy

It was composed of:

  • Ribolita (top left): a vegetable and bread soup.
  • Pappa al pomodoro (bottom left): tomato, basil, leeks and bread soup.
  • Bean soup with barley.
This was delicious and I am glad that they offered a sampler. My favorite was definitely the bean soup that we found in other restaurants, cooked in different ways.

Then, Jodi got the Insalata Campagnola, a salad made with pecorino cheese, prosciutto and pears:
image of Insalata Campagnola at Trattoria ZàZà in Florence, Italy

On my side, I ordered the linguine alle Vongole, desperate to find one that topped the grainy one from Borgo Antico.
image of Linguine alle vongole at Trattoria ZàZà in Florence, Italy

It was just ok, not having enough white wine sauce. At least, the clams were well cleaned.

We did not have dessert as we had other plans and, anyway, needed a little walk after that feast...I certainly recommend Trattoria ZàZà for a good dinner. Their bistecca alla fiorentina looked fantastic and I would have gone back, I would have probably tried it!

Enjoy (I did)!

Trattoria ZàZà
Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 26, 50123 Florence, Italy

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