Dandelion chocolate - San Francisco

Recently, we received a package containing some chocolate bars from Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco, sent by Jodi's cousin, Rebecca and her boyfriend Leo. They went there after we saw this place on the TV show Unique Sweets (I love that show and recommend any person with a sweet tooth to watch it: it is definitely some food porn!). 

So we got to try the following chocolate bars:

70% Ambanja, Madagascar 2013

What I like about this chocolate is that they describe the beans and process as well as what one should taste when eating it. This one says: this batch has a bold, lemon front, followed by a mellow nutty finish.

I tasted the lemon, but not the nutty finish...

70% Mantuano, Venezuela 2012

This one says: we taste notes of fudge bownie and espresso with a lively cinnamon finish.

I would agree.

70% Maya Mountain, Belize 2013

The last one says: we're excited to introduce this fruity bar that has notes of pineapple and honey.

This was in fact my favorite: I loved the finish taste of honey.

This was a great tasting, trying each chocolate bar, one after the other, and trying to see if we could match their description. This is definitely some good chocolate if you like dark, made only with cocoa beans and cane sugar. On their website, they display the places where you can find them all over the country. For instance, in New York, you may find their chocolate at Chelsea Market Baskets. I will have to check that you!

Thanks to Rebecca and Leo!

Enjoy (I did)!

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