Cheap eats: Alberto's Pizza and Cheesesteaks in Chelsea, NYC, New York

Wandering close to Union Square, we found Alberto's Pizza and Cheesesteak. I admit that I wanted to try it not for the pizza, but for the cheesesteak as I love that sandwich and was a bit disappointed when I went to Shorty's. 

This is your typical pizza place and you do not go for the decor, for the service or to get some warmth (except probably if you are a regular customer). 

I ordered a cheesesteak with onions and provolone that they prepared on the grill, next to the entrance.
It was a decent sandwich: the bread was soft and the meat tender and juicy.

Jodi ordered an eggplant parmesan sandwich that was made with the same bread.

It was a good sandwich, served hot, with a nice amount of cheese.

Alberto's Pizza and Cheesesteak is a good cheap place, at least for what we tried. I may go back at some point to try some other Italian sandwiches or pizza. 

Enjoy (I did)!

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