My nephew culinary visit: outtakes...

You may have thought that I was done with all the food we ate when my nephew Valentin was in NYC, but in fact, no! We really wanted to make him try some food he would not find where he lives and I think we did a pretty good job! I should probably mention that when I spoke with his mom after he came back home, she mentioned that he had a bigger appetite. Oops...

So here is some of what we ate:

The Doughnut Plant:
image of Doughnut Plant in NYC, New York

There is no better donut in NYC than the Doughnut Plant! I know that it is a bold statement, but if you try it, you will be convinced too. 
image of Doughnut Plant in NYC, New York

So, after Katz's, as we were on the Lower East Side, we decided to have Valentin try one of their donuts. So we went to their original location on Grant street.
image of Doughnut Plant in NYC, New York
There, Jodi ordered the coconut cream donut:
image of coconut cream donut at Doughnut Plant in NYC, New York

It is a yeast donut, filled with some coconut cream, as its name indicated. It is chewy and not too sweet and is one of the coconut delicacies I love.

Valentin and I ordered a tres leches donut, one of their signature:
image of tres leches donut at Doughnut Plant in NYC, New York

It is a cake version of a donut, a bit heavy but so good...I just wish that they put more tres leches cream inside...

The double espresso accompanied by sparkling water was perfect to go with it:
image of espresso at Doughnut Plant in NYC, New York

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Kossar's Bialys:

image of Kossar's Bialys in NYC, New York

Then, next to The Doughnut Plant was Kossar's Bialys, a bakery established in 1936 and only serves Bialys, these small Polish rolls.
image of Kossar's Bialys in NYC, New York

This is part of the old New York, with restaurants like Yonah Schimmel or Katz's, and it is incredible that they are still there considering they only serve one item that is not as popular as one may think.

So we bought some bialys for breakfast and ate them with either butter or cream cheese. There were onion bialys:
image of onion bialys at Kossar's Bialys in NYC, New York

As well as garlic bialys:
image of garlic bialys at Kossar's Bialys in NYC, New York

They were still hot and the smell that emanated from them was divine! Definitely something to try!

Kossar's Bialys on Urbanspoon

image of Junior's cheesecake in NYC, New York

If there is one place where I would have people try a cheesecake, it is at Junior's: it is the best. Creamy and dense, we ate it after going to Luke's Lobster, but instead of going to the restaurant, we went to the take out place next door.
Junior's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

City Bakery:
image of chocolate chip cookie from City Bakery in NYC, New York

We went there not for their hot cocoa that is supposed to be the best in the US (I tried it and do not think so), but for their chocolate chip cookie: large, dense, chewy with lots of butter and chocolate. Definitely not your average cookie.
City Bakery on Urbanspoon

We have other undocumented culinary visits such as Giorgio's (cannoli) or Sweet (cupcakes) in Hoboken, as well as Dylan's Candy Bar, so, as you can imagine, he had quite a taste of what this area has to offer when it comes for food. 

We had a fantastic time, food and non food related, and I am sure we will remember Valentin's visit for a while!

Enjoy (we all did)!

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