My nephew culinary visit: day 7 / part 2: Cheesesteak at Shorty's in NYC, New York

image of Shorty's in NYC, New York

One thing that, for sure, we do not have in France is cheesesteak. The first time I tried it was in Philadelphia,  many years back, in a hole in the wall mainly frequented by students; I wish I could remember the location. 

Shorty's was definitely on my list as the cheesesteak we tried at their food truck on Pier 13 in Hoboken was delicious: soft bread shipped from Philadelphia daily and cooked in the truck, tender and juicy meat and lots of cheese (photo below).
image of cheesesteak at Shorty's in NYC, New York

So, we arrived at this place and we were totally surprised: we thought it was a restaurant dedicated to this spectacular sandwich, but it is in fact a bar! So, for sure, it was not the best place to have a conversation and relax...

image of cheesesteak at Shorty's in NYC, New York

We ordered the cheesesteak sandwich with provolone and Valentin added some onions. As it was big and we had lot of food that week, we decided to share with Jodi. It came all wrapped up and we delicately uncovered it.

image of cheesesteak at Shorty's in NYC, New York

At that point, we were a bit disappointed: there was more bread than meat and the quantity of the latter were close to half what we had at the truck. It was good, tender and juicy, but there was not enough cheese and the proportion bread / meat was at the advantage of the bread.
image of French fries at Shorty's in NYC, New York

With the cheesesteak, we also ordered some fries that were good, crunchy and not greasy.

Valentin liked it, but I wish we had a better cheesesteak: I guess that for Shorty's, we will just stick to the truck next time...

Enjoy (...)!

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