Cronut - 1 , Crumbnut - 0

image of Cronut from Dominique Ansel Bakery, NYC New York

With all the craze about the Cronut (photo above), the spectacular creation from Chef Dominique Ansel that is more difficult to get than an autograph of Donald Trump, copies are popping up all over the world: in Brazil, Taiwan, UK (the "Dossant"), South Korea ("NY pie donut"),...In New York, there have been few bakeries that used the name Cronut, before realizing that it was a trademark, and ended up proposing a croissant-donut. Same move from the Food Emporium.

The last big name to realize a copy is Crumbs, best known for its cupcakes, will it be now known for the Crumbnut?
image of crumbnut from Crumbs, NYC New York

They propose two kinds: plain (on the right) and with Bavarian cream (left) that is similar to a Crème pâtissière (vanilla custard). Both smell more like donut than croissant and none of them has icing on top, probably to show the difference with the cronut.
image of plain crumbnut from Crumbs, NYC New York

So we started with the plain one. There is some flakiness, but it looked like the dough was not fully cooked. It was bland and very doughy.
image of bavarian cream crumbnut from Crumbs, NYC New York

The second one was similar, except that the Bavarian cream gave a bit of taste, but not enough to make us think that it was equivalent, if not better to the cronut. In fact, we did not even finish these crumbnuts...

Although the presentation was nice and promising, it was a total failure and a sad attempt to compete with a pastry that is spectacular. The crumbnut is dead, long live the cronut!

Enjoy (the cronut)!

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