Lunch at Ajisen Ramen in Chelsea, NYC, New York

Image of Ajisen Ramen in Chelsea, NYC, New York

We went to Ajisen Ramen on a Saturday with Jodi, Jessica and Alex. We never went to that place and were excited to try it as we love ramen and there are so many places in NYC where to eat this delicious noodle dish.
Image of Chopsticks at Ajisen Ramen in Chelsea, NYC, New York

The logo is funny and cartoony and, contrary to most of the ramen places we have been to, there is no sitting at the counter, watching the cook do its magic. I discovered, while writing this post, that Ajisen ramen is a chain, created in Japan.

The waiter gave us the menu and I was pleased to see photos as I always find that, if well taken, they can  speak better than words. Although words are still necessary to describe each dish and, believe it or not, there was none! I tried to get some answers from the waiter but he was unable to explain what the dishes had. 

So, Jodi and Jessica went for the corn ramen 
Image of Corn ramen at Ajisen Ramen in Chelsea, NYC, New York

and I went for the Ajisen ramen as it was the name of the restaurant.
Image of Ajisen ramen with pork at Ajisen Ramen in Chelsea, NYC, New York

Both dishes were similar: it was based on a broth made with pork that has a milky color. I thought in fact that it was because of a small amount of curry paste and possibly coconut milk...Both ramen had some slices of pork that were pretty descent, some green onions, cabbage and carrots. The corn ramen had...corn!
Image of empty ramen bowl at Ajisen Ramen in Chelsea, NYC, New York

I finished my ramen that was good. Not to the level of the ones I tried before, but good. The advantage of this one is that it was not crowded at all, probably because of the location. I think they should either describe their dishes or have their staff have a better knowledge of the dishes, because, sometimes, if people like a restaurant, they like to come back to try other dishes they saw on the menu! 

Enjoy (I did)!

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