Mini Doughnuts at The Doughnuttery in Chelsea Market - NYC, New York

Image of Doughnuttery in Chelsea Market - NYC, New York
Chelsea Market is definitely the perfect place for food lovers: there, you can eat all sort of delicious food that will make you want to come back or even stay there...One of my last discovery there is the Doughnuttery, that replaced People's Pop weeks ago (see my review of People's Pop). After the success of doughnut joints like The Doughnut Plant, one may wonder what makes the Doughnuttery different. First of all, they make fresh mini doughnuts using a small doughnut machine, where you can see these small delicate cakes form.
Image of Mini doughnuts at Doughnuttery in Chelsea Market - NYC, New York

The machine will drop some dough in the hot oil and the doughnut will cook, navigating from right to left, until being dropped in a plate. Then, the doughnuts are either dipped or filled with the flavor you pick. They either propose elaborate doughnuts such as:
  • The cacaoboy (Cacao nibs, sea salt, black),
  • The Urban Monkey (Green coffee, banana, coconut) or
  • The PBCP (Peanut Butter, cayenne, pretzel).

Otherwise, you can simply get a cinnamon sugar, a powdered sugar or a sprinkles one. We decided to go for 6 doughnuts for $6. Originally, we thought we would be able to try 6 different flavors, but the not so nice person serving us, said that it was not possible.

Image of Mini doughnuts at Doughnuttery in Chelsea Market - NYC, New York

So we went with two cinnamon sugar, two powdered sugar and two sprinkles doughnuts. They came hot and fresh. They were pretty good, but were a but doughy. They were decent, but I prefer The Doughnut Plant; in fact for $6, you can have much better doughnuts there! Even for $6, you can get bigger and better doughnuts at Dunkin Donuts!!!

I think I will pass next time!

Enjoy (the post)!

And Remember: I Just Want To Eat!

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