The evolution of food in France?

If you recall, this year, I wrote a post about MacDonald's adapting their sandwiches with the Mac Baguette (post about the Mc Baguette here) and even had the chance to try it. So, when we went to Paris this time, I noticed different signs that were pretty interesting considering how France is proud and conservative about its cuisine! For instance, similar to Mac Donald's, Subway is also adapting:
Image of advertisement for Subway in the Metro in Paris, France
I saw this ad in the subway for a sandwich made with raclette cheese. 

Also, I was surprised to see how Starbuck became popular. I remember how, few years ago, it was a big deal when Starbuck opened its first location in Paris: people thought that they would fail because of the culture of cafes. Well, this time, I noticed so many Starbucks around and they were packed (I noticed them in London but cannot comment on it...)!
Image of Starbuck coffee in Paris, France
I also noticed places that sell Hot dogs
Image of Hot dog New Yorkais in Paris, France

or bagels!
Image of Bagel New Yorkais in Paris, France
In fact, when I lived in Paris, I used to go to a hot dog place that was also serving Ben & Jerry's ice cream with my friends Caroline and Arnaud. We loved it: it was so unusual. 

The last surprising thing we notice was all these vending machines in the subway!
image of Vending machines in the subway in Paris, France

So definitely, the culture of food is evolving in France!

Enjoy (I did)!