Italian Doughnuts at Bomboloni in NYC, New York

Image of the Entrance of Bombolini in UWS NYC, New York
I think there is a misconception in Europe about doughnuts! Yes, There are always associated to the US, thanks to number of movies were you see people (shall I say mainly from the police force?), eating them. They have nothing unique in the sense that many countries have a similar treat, but a different name. You do not believe me? Check this out:
- The sugar twist is called chichi in South of France. I had quite a few when I was a kid...
- Germany has the Berliner.
- Italy has the Bomboloni!
Image of Inside of Bombolini in UWS NYC, New York

If you are curious to try a Bomboloni, go to...Bomboloni on the Upper West Side! This joint offers these delicious filled doughnuts with plenty of mouth watering flavors: coconut, nutella, creme brulee, tiramisu, apricot, strawberry...

Jodi decided to order the coconut one:
Image of a Coconut Italian doughnut donut at Bombolini in UWS NYC, New York
I ordered the Nutella one!
Image of a Nutella Italian doughnut donut at Bombolini in UWS NYC, New York
The doughnut itself was nice and airy. The fillings were good, although I would have liked to taste more of the Nutella! I certainly appreciated the fact that this was not too sweet!

It is definitely a nice treat and the creativity they show with their fillings makes me want to try more flavors...

Enjoy (I did)!

And remember: I Just Want To Eat!

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