Christmas Market in London, England

Image of the London eye and the Thames in London, England

One day, walking near the London Eye, this spectacular Ferris Wheel on the Thames river, we found a Christmas market. It was packed! I fact we saw two sections: one was a chocolate festival (you read right: a chocolate festival!) and the other section, a more traditional market with food and mulled wine. A lot of vendors were proposing hot chocolate, but the best we got was the one made with a chocolate cube on a stick!
Image of Hot chocolate at the Christmas Market in London, England
What they do is that they pour some hot milk, then add some marshmallow (if you want some) and put a cube of chocolate that is on a stick.
You then stir with the wooden stick until the chocolate is completely melted. This was fantastic! First of all, the hot chocolate was made with milk, not water! Why would you make a hot chocolate with water??? I know that some people would do it because they think that it is less calories. It is like ordering pizza with a diet soda: you are still eating pizza! As the temperature was cold, it was the perfect treat!

Then we ended up in the more crowded section of the market.
Image of Christmas Market in London, England
You had there plenty of food like waffles, donuts, crepes, candies...They were even selling some cheese.
Image of Christmas Market in London, England

We did not even consider these cheeses as our next stop on this trip would be France, the country of fromage!

So, as we walked around, we first picked up some candies by the pound and then ended up near a German restaurant stand where we got some amazing French fries!
Image of Fries at the Christmas Market in London, England
We did not eat more as we had to go to an Italian restaurant later in the evening: Vasco and Piero's Pavilion. Stay tuned...

Enjoy (I did)!