Brunch at Telepan in NYC, New York

Image of Telepan on the UES in NYC, New York
Our friend booked a table at Telepan for a Sunday Brunch. This restaurant gets its name from its Chef and Owner Bill Telepan. It has been opened many years ago and seem to remain the place to go for a delicious meal. The space itself is interesting as it is made of 2 conjoint townhouses and one would think that it is setup like a labyrinth. The atmosphere is more stuffy than cool and I can imagine that at dinner it is worse than at lunch...

The restaurant proposes a brunch prix-fixe for $32 that includes a bread basket, an appetizer and an entree. 
Image of bread at Telepan on the UES in NYC, New York
From the bread basket, I especially appreciated the focaccia bread that was delicious!

For the appetizers, Jodi ordered the baby romaine salad.
Image of Baby romaine salad at Telepan on the UES in NYC, New York
It was served with dry monterey jack dressing and garlic & herb croutons. Nothing extraordinary about it.

On my side, I ordered the Semolina Cream Crepes.
Image of Semolina cream crepes at Telepan on the UES in NYC, New York
They were served with sauteed butternut squash and brown sugar sauce. The cream was inside the crepe and this was a succulent dish! I wish I had more! The crepes were fantastic: great texture and perfectly made. What was the most incredible is the balance of flavors when the semolina cream and the butternut squash / brown sugar sauce met! This was a fantastic taste I will not forget! This appetizer is definitely a hit!

For the entree, Jodi went for the mushroom and herb omelet.
Image of Mushrooms and herbs omelet at Telepan on the UES in NYC, New York
The omelet was perfect: no brown as Wolfgang Puck would make them (I watched the first episode of Top Chef where he explained how to make a perfect omelet), fluffy and moist. Very good omelet!

On my side, I chose the Kabocha Squash Tortelloni.
Image of Kobacha squash tortelloni at Telepan on the UES in NYC, New York
Tortelloni are stuffed pasta with a shape similar to tortellini (I did not know when I ordered...). There was not only squash, but also mushrooms and the dish was drizzled with a balsamic reduction (that was very good). I liked the dish although I found that the pasta was a bit hard in some parts and thick. Not sure if tortelloni are supposed to be this way, but it gave a doughy taste to it.

So, brunch was good and I bet they serve a killer dinner, but it is for sure pricey! At least for $32 they could include a drink!

Enjoy (I did)!
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