Thai Basil restaurant in NYC, New York

It has probably been 5 years since I ate at Thai Basil and I was excited to go back to see if this little gem was still there and still serving some delicious Thai cuisine. And here it was, still standing on 9th Avenue between 55th and 56th!

It was different though! Still a tiny place, they have completely changed the decor, giving to the restaurant a more modern feel, yet with decoration still reminding Thailand.
In term of food, there is no surprised: they serve the usual type of food you would find in any Thai restaurant.

We started off with the vegetable spring rolls.

This is one of our favorite appetizers! It was served with plum sauce. I loved it: crispy, tasty and not greasy! But very hot!

Then, Jodi ordered the Pad See Ew.
These are wide noodles, fried tofu, eggs, broccoli and black soy sauce. This was very, very good! The fried tofu was slightly crispy and the noodles delicious. It was not salty like it can be in other restaurants, most of the time because of the soy sauce.

On my side, I ordered a chicken curry massaman.
It was served with rice.
This dish is one my favorites! The sauce is a peanut based curry and it is served with onions, potatoes and cashew nuts. It is to die for! There is a bit of heat building up, but you cannot stop eating this scrumptious sauce!

Although the decor has changed, Thai Basil is still serving some delicious Thai Food at a reasonable price! A great place to know!

Enjoy (I did)!

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