The Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, PA

You cannot go to Philadelphia without visiting the Reading Terminal Market! This place has some incredible food! Not all the food is good, but they have some little gems there!

I love going to this kind of places where there are so many different merchants that you do not know where to go and what to eat! They serve: meat, fish, vegetables, ice cream, pastries... And then, you can eat French (crepes!), Thai, Italian, Middle Eastern...
Each time we went to Philly, we stopped there!

The variety of food is so amazing that just walking around will make you discover some incredible vendors such as Wan's seafood!
Their stand look amazing and fresh!
I saw these huge Wild Shrimp! Trust me, these, simply grilled on a BBQ must be fantastic!

There is also an Amish owned traditional deli, called The Riehl Deli.
Not only do they have a wide variety of cheeses, they have tons of meats!
But what caught my eyes was clearly on the sweet side...

First were the Termini Brothers with their Italian cookies!
And decadent cakes!
Then, the custom made Chocolate by Mueller:
They seem to have some amazing creation like the chocolate brain....
Pretty funny!

There is also the phenomenal Flying Monkey!
Look at that! If I did not have to go to the Franklin Fountain later on, I would have had some of their cakes!
They looked incredible!

So definitely, the Reading Terminal Market is the place to go for some surprising and decadent food! I will stop there next time again for sure! By the way, it is there that we found Salumeria, an authentic Italian hoagies joint!

If you go, before leaving, do not forget to make a donation to Philbert, the pig in the center of the market! It goes to charity for children of the community!

Enjoy (I did)!