Holey Cream: what Ice Cream Donut Sandwich in NYC, New York???

What I like in New York is that you will find all sorts of crazy culinary ideas! The last one I found is Holey Cream, an ice cream parlor located Midtown.

Holey Cream is a small place that serves of course ice cream, cupcakes, donuts and...ice cream donut sandwiches. Yes, you read correctly! This is a spin on the ice cream sandwich, where they will put three scoops of ice cream between a donut.

The way you do your ice cream donut sandwich is:
  1.  Pick three scoops of ice cream; they have flavors like cheesecake, dolce de leche, red velvet cupcake, S'Mores,...
  2. Then you pick the icing for your donut: vanilla or chocolate.
  3. Last, you choose the topping that goes from gummy bears, peanut butter cup, M&M's...

They will then prepare your sandwich!

So, here is what I picked:
  • Chocolate icing topped with sprinkles.
  • Three scoops: vanilla (I figured out it would be a good test to try a basic flavor), butterscotch praline and cookies & cream.

It is pretty exciting to see them make the ice cream sandwich. For sure, it is huge and decadent! We sat at one of the very few seats and try to eat that monstrous ice cream! First of all: you cannot pick it with your hands because of the icing and toppings on the donut. Anyway, even if you could, it would be messy! So, then, to try to eat with the poor plastic spoons they give you was a bit difficult. 

The donut was very good and tasted very fresh. The ice cream though was so so: the vanilla ice cream and the cookies & cream were lacking taste. However, the butterscotch praline was delicious! 

Pairing the ice cream with the donut was fun, but unfortunately, it fell flat because of the lack of taste of the ice cream that seemed low quality! 

Note that if you only want the donut, you can make it by choosing the icing and the toppings and skipping the ice cream...

So I was a bit disappointed: this is the type of place you would go to just to try, but would not go back...

Enjoy (the post...)!

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