Happy 4th Of July! Don't get the Crisp!

Image of Food Trucks in Hoboken, NJ New Jersey
Hoboken is going to be crazy today as it is the best spot to see the Macy's fireworks! Imagine that people already started to setup their spot in the parks along the Hudson river in this heat!

Smartly, the city allowed some food trucks to settle next to the ferry. Considering the number of people who will come in the afternoon and tonight, they will get some good business! The trucks we saw are:

  • Max's: hot dogs and burgers. 
  • The Taco Truck: well known in Hoboken! But they had a reduced menu...
  • Luke's Lobster: they were not yet ready when we when there! Bummer! It is a perfect day for a lobster roll!
Then there was the Crisp truck, a vegetarian truck that serves Middle Eastern favorites (falafel) with a twist! 
Image of Crisp on Wheels Food Truck in Hoboken, NJ New Jersey
The twist comes from the different ways they serve their food. You can for instance pick a falafel sandwich with the following combinations:
  • Mexican: cilantro pesto and avocado, corn, salsa, nachos with jalapeno dressing.
  • African: North African peanut sauce, sweet potatoes, corn salad, cherry tomatoes, green onions and habanero harissa.
  • Mediterranean: sundried tomato spread, eggplant parmesan flakes and garden greens.
  • Parisian: sundried tomato spread, goat cheese, roasted peppers, garden greens and red onions.
  • Athenian: herbed yogurt, greek salad and green onions.
We decided to go for the Parisian one.
Image of Parisian sandwich at Crisp on Wheels Food Truck in Hoboken, NJ New Jersey
The sandwich was conveniently placed in a box that allows you to eat it without too much mess, although, making a little mess when eating a falafel sandwich is part of the experience...

They gave us some tahini sauce with the sandwich that I poured as there was no dressing. The tahini was very liquid... What I liked about the sandwich was the sundried tomato spread that was a nice addition. Also, the goat cheese added some extra freshness to a sandwich that could have been, without these two ingredients, bland. The main problem I has was that the falafel where in the bottom of the pita! So first you eat the salad and then the falafel...Too bad! I would have preferred layers of both! The falafel were a bit mushy, but I am wondering if it was not because of the tahini sauce.

Besides the sandwich, they also propose some hummus salad bowls with international flavors:
  • Salsa pignolias: pine nuts, salsa, greens and tahini.
  • baja fresh: cilantro pesto, corn, salsa, jalapeno and nachos.
  • Acropolis: olives, feta, greens and vinaigrette.
  • Aubergenius: eggplant, greens, parmesan and vinaigrette.
  • Mama mia: sundried tomato spread, roasted peppers, greens and red onions.
  • Dolce vita: sundried tomato spread, sweet potatoes, greens and red onions.
  • Garbanzo extravaganza: chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, greens and lemon garlic sauce.
We selected the Aubergenius.
Image of Aubergenius salad bowl at Crisp on Wheels Food Truck in Hoboken, NJ New Jersey
It was a bit disappointing: For close to $9, you only get two falafel??? Although I have to say that they were really good: correct amount of spices, crispy and not greasy. Also, there was very little eggplant. At the end, I had the impression I was just eating a salad with some (pretty good) hummus!

On top of the disappointing food, we ordered a passion fruit ice tea and a gaucho mint ice tea: lacking sweetness and taste!

Our bill ended up being $20. For that price, I would go to Mamoun's falafel on Washington street in Hoboken or Taim in NYC!

So, if you go to Hoboken, avoid the Crisp: it is not worth it!

Happy 4th Of July and Enjoy!

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