The Windmill in Hoboken, NJ

Image of The Windmill in Hoboken NJ, New Jersey
When Lucky Burgers closed in Hoboken, I was a bit disappointed: I liked that place. They had good burgers, onion rings and fries and offered different types of sauces such as the chipotle mayonnaise. The Windmill defines itself as a gourmet fast food that serves award winning burgers and hot dogs. 
This chain restaurant originated in Long Branch, New Jersey in 1964 (the restaurant had the shape of a Windmill). It was later bought by Ed and Leo Levine who opened since then several locations in New Jersey.

The location in Hoboken opened in May 2012 and got the visit of celebrities for their Grand Opening: Comedian Artie Lange, actor Danny Aiello and actor Alex Corrado. You can even see them on a big painting in the back of the restaurant, along with Frank Sinatra (Hoboken native), Dean Martin...On the side, you can even see Snookie from the Jersey Shore...
Image of The Windmill in Hoboken NJ, New Jersey
When we entered the restaurant, we saw the owner (second on the bottom right on the painting...) who was very nice. As it was the first time we were there, he told us that we should try the foot long hot dog. In fact, the hot dogs have constantly received awards since 1998 from the Readers'Choice of Mommouth and Ocean County. So I decided to go for it. 
Image of Hot dog at The Windmill in Hoboken NJ, New Jersey
Instead of going with a chilli and/or cheese dog, I just asked for some sauteed onions. I really liked the Hot Dog. The sausage is from Sabrett and had a delicious taste: it was tastier than the hot dogs you would buy from a food cart in the City and even better than the one at Five Guys.

The burger however was not as good as Five Guys.
Image of Cheeseburger at The Windmill in Hoboken NJ, New Jersey
Don't get me wrong: it was good and the patty tasted like meat, but it was too thin (I should have probably tried the Big Ed who has a double patty) and the meat was not that juicy.

As sides, we ordered onions rings.
Image of Onion rings at The Windmill in Hoboken NJ, New Jersey
They were crispy and not greasy. They were made to order, so very hot. 

Then, they serve crinkle cut fries.
Image of Fries at The Windmill in Hoboken NJ, New Jersey
I really liked them: crispy and not too thick (Sorry, I do not like the fries from Nathan's!).

So, if I had to pick, I would go to Five Guys for the burgers and to The Windmill for the hot dogs and sides (Five Guys only offers fries). But I was a bit disappointed by the burger that I heard was delicious and got awards. 

Enjoy (I did)!

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