Delicious Banana Cream Pie from Billy's Bakery in NYC! Updated on 1/22/12

My wife has always been a big fan of Billy's Bakery in Manhattan for two things: cupcakes and coconut cream pie. I am not a coconut guy, but I have to say that their coconut cream pie is pretty good and they are pretty generous in portions, with very reasonable prices (we just bought two slices of banana cream pie - photo - for $9!).

Billy's bakery has several locations, but I only know the one in Chelsea. The bakery is kind of retro with an old red formica table set (one, so it is more a grab and go). You also get to see the kitchen where all the magic happens! On top of that, from the kitchen, emanates the fantastic smell of freshly made cakes. No way you can leave without buying something yummy!

Besides, the coconut cream pie, I have tried the cheesecake, that is good, but not as good as Junior's and the banana cream pie that is delicious. In fact the banana and coconut cream pies are identical in the way they are made (I guess it is creme patissiere - a rich, thick and creamy custard made from a mixture of milk, eggs, sugar, flour and cornstarch), but one has bananas and the other one coconut (try to guess; you can do it). The banana cream pie is light and not too sweet. It is perfect with a coffee or tea.

Apparently, their pineapple upside down cake is awesome, but they did not have it this time. So I guess I found a good excuse to go back...

Update on 1/22/12:
well we went back today and I tried their pineapple upside down cake: good with a very moist cake, but I would have liked more pineapple juice and flavor in the cake! Fortunately, I also had some more of the banana cream pie! I am telling you: having a food blog gives you plenty of excuses to indulge!!!

Enjoy (I did)!

And remember: I just want to eat!
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