Wild Gray Sole

It has been a while since I ate sole: the last time was in Europe, many years ago. It is a very good fish with a sweet and mild flavor. Once, I tried the lemon sole but did not retrieve the same taste as the most popular sole: the dover sole. It was too sweet and did not resemble what I knew. 
Then I tried the Wild Gray Sole (thanks Freshdirect!). This was exactly the same taste I remembered! Cooking it can be difficult as it is a very delicate fish with a very moist and soft flesh. Like any flaky fish, I dip it in flour before cooking so it does not attach to the bottom of the pan and does not fall apart. I cook it in olive oil, but it can also be cooked in butter with a little bit of parsley. 
As a side, you can try the shekshouka recipe I posted last time!

In term of nutrition, it is low in calories, fat and an excellent source of Omega 3! 

I am more of a meat guy, but a fish like that is worth any filet mignon! Yeah right!

Enjoy (I did)!