Cheese night!

Yesterday we went back to Eataly in New York City and picked some bread (great baguette!) and cheeses for a nice little dinner. The place was packed! Seriously, they did a great job with this market place! It was crazy in there!
So, we decided to pick different cheeses than last time. I was surprised to see that they were selling non Italian cheeses there! We ended up with:

  • Avonlea cheddar from Canada: was ok. I prefer a sharper cheddar. It might be better for grilled cheese or mac & cheese.
  • Double cream from Vermont: very creamy. Delicious on a piece of bread.
  • Creamy gorgonzola from Italy: extremely creamy and not strong at all.
  • Brescianella semi aged from Italy: it is a semi soft cheese that has a very stinky smell! I like stinky cheeses, but did not like that one. I am wondering if it is not because they packaged it 9 days before and it got this pungent smell and taste. I will be more careful  next time when picking cheeses over there!

With the cheeses, we bought 3 different jams (very small jars awesome for tasting - 1.5 oz): blueberry, peach and cherry. Jam, honey or butter is a good way to eat cheese, especially strong ones. Of course, if you put too much of it, you will miss the taste of the cheese you are eating!

Enjoy (I did)!