Restaurant Review: Bombay West (Hoboken, NJ)

I guess that now you understand that I like Indian food. So here is another experience that could have been great. It was food wise but not in term of service. What I really like with Bombay West is that they serve Thali, that is a selection of different dishes, served in small bowls on a round tray. I had my first Thali in India: it was my very first all vegetarian meal (yes, that's possible) and was all you can eat. I remember that I was drinking Chaas that is a buttermilk drink slightly more liquid than a lassi. It was delicious and I wanted more! In fact I had more as, remember, it was all you can eat!!! 

So I was very excited when I saw the menu of Bombay Palace: different Thali where you pick one entree (vegetarian or chicken or shrimp for instance) and they bring you a Poori that is a fried bread, three appetizers and a dessert. All of this for less than $20. One time, I had the bad idea to ask for a naan bread instead of a poori as I prefer the nan. They did not seem to like it...I finally got a chapati (flatbread). So, I went few times and all the time the same pattern: 

  • The manager is not nice with the staff: who do you think you are? Gordon Ramsey? She should also be more welcoming as you have the impression that you are bothering her!
  • The food takes a long time. I am wondering if they are not shipping it from India!
Fortunately, the food is good! They always serve you a papadum that is a kind of cracker. Good way to make you wait for your food! Their dahl is delicious, the chicken tikka masala very creamy and flavorful, the Chanaa masala perfect, the naan very good. In term of dessert, the rice pudding is ok; however, the gulab jamun are awesome! So, food good, but the whole experience is spoiled by the bad service! Too bad! 

So if you go to Bombay West, keep in mind that the food is good and imagine you are watching Hell's Kitchen!

Enjoy (I did)!
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Bombay West
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New Jersey / Indian
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832 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
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(201) 653-0011