My take on the All You Can Eat Concept

All You Can Eat (AYCE) concept is interesting: most of the people will be attracted by the quantity of the food rather than the quality (when restaurants marry quality and quantity, it is awesome!). 

For the restaurateur, it is a risk based on the assumption that for most of the customers, they will still make a profit, because these same customers will not eat more than a certain quantity of the most expensive items. Look around and you will see that they always serve something that will stuff you! You need examples? Here you go:
- Churrascaria Plataforma: Brazilian BBQ. They have a salad bar, are generous on sides and always start serving cheaper meats such as...chicken...So my advice: pass on the salad bar, don't eat too much of the sides and ask for the filet mignon and ribs!
- Bin 14: all you eat mussels every Tuesdays. They serve them with French Fries that are yummy and addictive! By the way on the Upper East Side, the restaurant La Tour used to do the same: they are close now (and I am not responsible!). 

Other restaurants will serve you rice, starch or bread for example. Isn't that smart? 

So that does not mean you should avoid AYCE meals; always keep in mind that restaurateurs are not philanthropists...