Chocolate Time!

Who does not like chocolate? I know, some don't and I never understood how it is possible!

I LOVE chocolate and could have an entire dinner with just chocolate (in fact I did when I was younger...). What is interesting about chocolate is that chocolate bars can be different from one country to another. You don't believe me? Here are two examples:
- Lindt pear chocolate / Poire Belle Helene: if you buy it in France, you will be amazed by the taste of the pear cream that is inside the chocolate. In the USA, the equivalent is the Excellence Pear Dark chocolate bar: not nearly as good. No cream and they added almonds.
- Cadbury chocolate bar: buy one in England and one here and compare the ingredients. They are totally different ! Cadbury says that it is because the recipe has to follow local laws and it could affect ingredients.

The purest the chocolate is, the better it is. Unfortunately, the chocolate makers are replacing cocoa butter with vegetable fat, because it is cheaper!

You can still find some good chocolate out there: La maison du Chocolat, Max Brenner the bald guy, Ghirardelli, Godiva...There are also plenty of small chocolate makers who keep the tradition intact! So support them!

Enjoy (I will)!