The catch of the day: Tilapia!

Fish is an interesting topic: there are so many different species and so many different tastes. I have to confess that in a restaurant, I tend to order meat and not fish but from time to time, I enjoy a good fish dish. 

Tilapia is a very good white fish. It is a farm raised fish and some argue that the diet of the tilapia being mainly grain makes it toxin free. It is also low in fat and rich in potassium. 

Tilapia is the second largest fish production in the world after carp and the USA is the larger importer of farm raised tilapia (imported from Honduras, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica and Brazil).

I cook it in different ways:
- in olive oil (7 to 8 minutes), then drizzle some lemon after plating (photo).
- in olive oil (7 to 8 minutes) then, close to the end of the cooking, add lemon and capers.
- in tomato sauce with some indian chili paste (cook for 20 minutes).
- with olives, butternut squash and potatoes (tasted at the Franciscan restaurant  in San Francisco (I love it!) - I'll give you the recipe another time!

Just two tips for fish:
- if you want to avoid the fish to stick to the pan, dip it in some flour.
- freezing fish is not always great when uncooked. You really have to remove the moisture on the fish if you do not want it to taste too...fishy.