Recipe: Almond cigars

Recipe: Almond cigars

I love Almond Cigars. When I was a kid, my mom and my grand mother use to make them: it was driving me crazy! Well, it still does...

It is a treat that comes from North Africa, but in fact, as cuisine traveled, you can easily compare it to the baklava found in Greece or Middle East. It is a delicious dessert, served with a hot tea (best is with mint tea in fact).


Arepas are very popular in Latin America. I discovered it thanks to a friend from Colombia and I can tell you that her mom makes them great!

It is very easy to make: corn flour (I used white from PAN), water and salt. You can eat them in many ways: with queso blanco like on the photo, or with chicken, ground beef, tomatoes, avocado...There are many ways. Just consider this as a bread!

In New York, I like two restaurants for Arepas, both Venezuelan: 


 located in the East Village.

El Cocotero

 in Chelsea.