Kyochon Chicken in NYC, New York

I love chicken in any way: fried, roasted, pan seared...So I was looking forward to try Kyochon Chicken near Koreatown. So, here I am in that place that is fairly modern: very bright, trendy decor and loud techno music, especially if you go upstairs where a large counter as well as tables are. You order at the counter and then have to wait until your buzzer tells you your food is ready.

I took the sal sal chicken combo. Sal sal chicken is crispy rice chicken strips. 

I really liked the added crispiness of the rice, but thought that it was a bit dry. I just wish they were proposing a sauce with it. For the side, I picked potato wedges; another disappointment, but I would say that it was more a bad choice that anything else: I am more a fan of crispy fries.

With it, I really wanted to try their wings. Apparently their hot wings are dry hot and, in fact, I got a sample on my tray. I confirm: delicious but very hot. But again, delicious, so, even if your mouth is on fire, you cannot resist.

What I ordered were the honey wings.

This was very good: it was sweet, heavenly crispy and the chicken was moist. I regretted at that point that I ordered the sal sal chicken and did not go solely with wings. 

I have mixed feelings about Kyochon, although I really enjoyed the wings. If I were to go back, I would stick to that or order their whole chicken...

Enjoy (I did)!

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