Restaurant Week: City Hall in Tribeca, NYC, New York


For our last incursion into Restaurant Week, we decided to try City Hall. This restaurant, opened in 1998 by Chef Henry Meer, got its name from the city government building located few blocks from there. This place has definitely a stunning decor: very high ceilings (it is built in an old warehouse), wooden tables and old photos of Manhattan all around the dining room.

The menu for Restaurant Week was totally different from their regular menu.

After we ordered, they brought us a small plate of olives and pickled vegetables, similar to what some steakhouses serve, replacing the standard bread and butter.

Then, Jodi got the burrata salad. It was served with grilled zucchini, frissée salad and tomato-chili jam.

On my side, I went for the wild mushroom risotto with white truffle olive oil and thyme.

Between the two, I preferred the risotto. Not that the burrata was not good, but the risotto was phenomenal: creamy with a fantastic taste.

Then, Jodi ordered the blackened barramundi that is a white flakey fish.

It was served with sea peas, coconut basmati rice and guacamole. The dish was just ok for me: I liked the fish, but not the rice.

On my side however, I got a great dish: day boat sea scallops with meyer lemon cavatelli and braised red swiss chard.

The scallops were perfectly cooked, with a nice sear on top and a delicious saltiness. The cavatelli, that were homemade, did not stand out by themselves, but, were succulent with the swiss chard and the cheese.

Last was the City Hall ice cream sundae. 

The brownie was very good, but, unfortunately, the ice cream (vanilla and salted caramel) was just ok.

The dinner for Restaurant Week at City Hall was good, but not to the point that I would definitely go back or highly recommend it for Restaurant Week. They probably should have stick to their regular menu to showcase it, encouraging people to go back...

Enjoy (...)! 

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