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I have been a fan of David Burke's restaurants since I went to David Burke Kitchen and Fishtail, both for restaurant week, besides of course seeing him on TV, sometimes competing against other Chefs. So this time we decided to go to Fabrick, a restaurant located in the Archer Hotel, in the fashion district (hence the name). I love that place: the decor has something elegant and casual at the same time. When you enter the hotel, on the right, you first see the bar and its comfortable seating area. Très chic!

Then, there are the different parts of the dining room, with its impressive ceiling and bright colors, especially the red and yellow.

Another reference to the fashion industry is the drink menu, modeled as a swatch.

We went for brunch and I have to admit that their brunch was very original and definitely mouth watering. You will be amazed by the creativity of the Chef. Imagine for example, that they serve an avocado panna cotta or angry egg tacos, that are made with chorizo, eggs, cheese and caramelized onions.

This was a very playful dish, a nice take on a chorizo omelet. I admit that we did not know it was this way and it did not measure up with the Fabrick omelet that Jodi ordered.

It was a good omelet, made with bacon, spinach, american cheese and roasted tomato, but, after the delicious tacos, it seemed unimaginative. The omelet came with some toast, jelly and butter that was sitting on a rectangle of salt, similar to the butter presentation at Fishtail.

The second appetizer we ordered was incredible: the French toast nuggets.

This is a dish perfect to share, although I admit that I could have eaten all of it: it was one of the best French toast I ever had! I did not really care about the fruit, that probably makes people feel less guilty by eating something healthy; No, the best part was the French toast itself that was perfectly made: the bread was well soaked and had a very slight crunch on the outside. I should mention that they were served with a fantastic maple bourbon sauce.

The last dish I tried was the lobster BLT steamed buns. I decided to go with half a lobster, that was probably a smart move as, with all the food we ordered, I would not have been able to eat a whole one. This was a great take on a lobster roll, where the roll was replaced by buns (bao).

There were four buns, that were filled with lobster smothered in a spicy you mayo, candied bacon, tomato and jalapeño. Not only the presentation was amazing, but this dish, perfect for sharing, was delicious, even if the ration lobster / bun was a bit unbalanced in favor of the bun.

I loved my brunch at David Burke Fabrick and it was as expected: delicious and original. The two highlights were definitely the lobster buns and the French toast nuggets that I highly recommend. Would I go back? For sure, but this time, I'd like to try their dinner menu: their matzo ball soup with confit chicken and chicken liver toast seems fantastic, as well as the lobster dumplings. Chapeau Chef Burke!

Enjoy (I did)!

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