Wolfgang's Steakhouse in Times Square, New York, NY

Few years ago, I had a so so experience at Wolfgang's Steakhouse (see the post here), and I decided to give it another try, but in their latest restaurant located in Times Square. The space is pretty impressive, with lots of light (for a change, steakhouses being often dark) and incredibly high ceilings. 

After we got our bread basket, that is a fairly standard item in a steakhouse, I got one of my favorite appetizers: crab cakes.

It was perfect, with nice lumps of crab and little filler, so the crab was the star of the dish.

Then, we got our steaks. Jodi ordered a filet mignon, medium, that was served with a pepper sauce.

On my side, I opted for the ribeye, medium rare.

At first, when the steaks came, they looked overcooked and dry, but, when cutting them, the juice oozed from the meat that was perfectly cooked, tender and delicious, especially the ribeye that was heavenly fatty. 

I do not like pepper sauce and was glad that we ordered béarnaise, although the steaks were succulent without it.

We decided to order only one side dish and picked the onion rings that were perfect: the onion was well cooked, it was crunchy and not greasy.

I should mention that with my ribeye, I got a glass of pinot noir, my favorite wine to pair with such a meat as it has a bold flavor that complement well the steak.

Last was dessert. We went for the key lime pie, served with their homemade whipped cream or schlag. Great dessert, the whipped cream counterbalancing well the sweetness of the pie.

This was a fantastic dinner, with a great service, and the steaks were delicious. I guess I changed my mind about Wolfgang's Steakhouse. So I will be back!

Enjoy (I did)!

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